Educational Robotics

Robotics is the future, and therefore the jobs of the future are changing.

We are passionate and committed to helping to inspire and educate the next generation of robotocists. Robotics is a multi-disciplinary subject, involving the application of a variety of skillsets from mathematics and programming to practical assembly. Furthermore, given the exciting range of projects available this is an excellent subject to promote student engagement.

We offer a variety of flexible courses, with options available either directly to the students or to educate the teacher. We provide all the robotic equipment required, along with full educational packs and support to enable the courses to be taught independently.

Basic Robotics

Using our sumo bot a small educational robot, learn number of engineering skills including :

  • Understanding of Robotics
  • Assemble your own robot
  • Get to grips with the basics of programming
  • Apply mathematics
  • Basic electronics
  • Basic CAD design
  • Problem solving
  • Compete in a sumo challenge

This module is suitable for all abilities, recomended for ages 10+. Available to be taught as a school project, after school club, or teach the teacher.  For more information please contact

Intermediate Robotics

Using a more advanced educational robot with increased features and capabilities. Initially developed for Oxford Brookes University, it can do all the things the sumo robot can do and much more. We have a number of courses that can be run on this platform. 

Intermediate module: Students assemble and program the robot to complete a number of navigation challenges. It can perform more advanced navigation and develop engineering skills.

  • Can come as a self assemble kit or fully assembled
  • Electronics
  • 3 wheel omni directional movement
  • Learn embedded systems
  • Can perform complicated navigation
  • Applied mathematics

This module is available to be taught as a follow on from the beginner course or for more skilled participants. Can also be taught to teachers. For more information please contact

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